Bug Fixes in TestComplete 12.1

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

In testComplete 12.1, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Web Testing

  • Improved QuerySelectorAll performance in Edge and Chrome.

  • Fixed: Object coordinates in Edge were calculated incorrectly if the Favorites bar was displayed.

    Note: Users need to restart Edge after adding or hiding any toolbars to avoid the issue in the future.
  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify JavaScript dialogs (such as Alert) in Chrome on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: The Firefox crash when using the Highlight on Screen command in TestComplete.

  • Fixed: The Finder tool could not identify web page elements in Firefox in some multi-monitor environments.

  • Fixed: In Internet Explorer, the FindChildByXPath method sometimes returned a native DOM object instead of a TestComplete wrapper for this object.

  • Fixed: TestComplete stopped identifying web page elements in CEF applications after a few test runs.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: Slowness when working with objects identified via the UI Automation engine on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not select items in a WPF pop-up menu during the test playback.

  • Fixed: Incorrect name mapping recorded for some objects in Visual Basic 6 applications.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: Incorrect auto-instrumentation of certain iOS 9 applications.

  • Fixed: Crashes when trying to show the Mobile Screen for Android.

  • Fixed: Crashes in the Android plugin.


  • Fixed: UI rendering issues on VMware 12 virtual machines running Windows 10 with the Accelerate 3D graphics option turned off.

  • Fixed: Incorrect sorting by the Date column in TestComplete panels.

  • Fixed: Hanging when opening the Stores | Files editor from the Project Explorer.

  • Fixed: Errors in the Stores | Regions editor after certain sequences of actions.

  • Fixed: A spelling error in a message displayed by the License Manager.

Source Control Integration

  • Fixed: Missing network suite files after converting a source control-bound project to the TestComplete 12 format.

  • Fixed: A crash when converting a project stored in Team Foundation Version Control to the TestComplete 12 format.

  • Fixed: Script files checked out from Team Foundation Version Control were deleted from the hard drive on saving.

  • Fixed: Hanging when loading a project bound to a large Git repository (>50 GB).


  • Fixed: Crashes when creating projects and when closing TestComplete.

  • Fixed: A “Catastrophic failure” error when playing back certain tests if the TestComplete UI layout was customized.

  • Fixed: Memory leaks when using Code Completion.

  • Fixed: Memory leaks when editing Python scripts.

  • Fixed: The slPacker.Pack method did not work in TestComplete 12.

  • Fixed: Runtime changes to the values of persistent variables were not saved in project files.

  • Fixed: A missing confirmation prompt when closing a project with unsaved changes to the persistent variables.

  • Fixed: The SendMail function hanged when attaching a file to an email.

  • Fixed: A wrong value of Log.FolderErrCount if Log.LockEvents was used.

  • Fixed: A keyword test playback stopped on a PopupMenu operation even if the Stop on error and Stop on warning options were disabled.

  • Fixed: The installation program could not detect Visual Studio 2015 Test Agent and install the corresponding integration.

  • Fixed: Missing step instructions in exported manual tests.

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