Bug Fixes in TestComplete 12.0

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

In version 12.0, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed.


  • Fixed: Hanging when loading a large Code Completion pop-up.

  • Fixed: A crash during test playback in certain cases.

  • Fixed: A crash on exit in certain cases.

  • Fixed: A crash when editing parameters for a keyword test.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could become unresponsive when starting or stopping applications on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: Code duplication when copying code using Ctrl+drag-and-drop.

  • Fixed: aqObject.CheckProperty always returned True when comparing values to null.

  • Fixed: Some logs sent via email appeared empty when viewed in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed: Exported logs included the Has Picture indicator for log entries that did not have images.

  • Fixed: When TestComplete was launched via COM and no license was available, TestComplete displayed an error dialog that had to be closed manually.

  • Fixed: TestComplete failed to copy large network suite logs from remote computers.

  • Fixed: An incorrect status of certain Ready! API test cases in the TestComplete test log.

  • Fixed: Runtime errors in projects that were converted from TestComplete 10 and had circular references between script units.

  • Fixed: When entering Japanese text in the property checkpoint wizard, the IME did not receive the Enter key.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete scrolled some pages incorrectly when trying to make an object visible.

  • Fixed: An error when calling a DOM method in Firefox using a VBScript variable as a parameter.

  • Fixed: Sometimes Firefox showed up as Sys.Browser() without a name during test playback.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not record clicks on some pages in Firefox.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify Firefox UI elements, such as the address bar and the UIPage object, during playback.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify the PDF viewer object in Chrome.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify any elements on a web page in Chrome if the page contained the <embed> element.

  • Fixed: Errors when working with controls located inside frames in Chrome.

  • Fixed: Incorrect Name Mapping was recorded for Chrome.

  • Fixed: Actions over the confirmation dialog in Edge were not recorded.

  • Reduced the size of the object cache that TestComplete creates inside web pages in Chrome. Previously, a large cache could cause memory exceptions in the browser.

  • If SmartBear Test Extension is disabled in Chrome, the errors logged by the browser Run and Navigate commands now include a suggestion to check that the extension is enabled.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: Incorrect instrumentation of some Android applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify objects in some Xamarin Android applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify objects in Android applications on some newer devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Nexus 10.

  • Fixed: Sometimes the Mobile.SetCurrent method could not connect to Nexus 4 (Android 5.1.1) and Nexus 6 (Android 6.0).

  • Fixed: TestComplete could no longer identify objects in some Android applications after the SetOrientation method was called.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not record actions with some objects in Android applications.

  • Fixed: Selecting an iOS Date Picker with the Object Spy or Object Browser crashed TestComplete and the tested iOS application.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: The jp2launcher process was not visible in the Object Browser.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not read debug information for some 64-bit MFC applications on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: A tested application could crash during playback if the MSAA or UI Automation engine was used.

  • Fixed: Test playback was causing internal Qt asserts in a customer’s application.

  • Fixed: Slowness when working with some Visual Basic 6 applications.

  • Fixed: Incorrect recording of date selection in DevExpress.XtraEditors.DateEdit controls v.

  • Fixed: A tested application that called CoInitializeSecurity displayed an error when launched via TestedApps in Simple mode.

Python Support

  • Fixed: Memory leaks and crashes when editing Python scripts.

  • Fixed: A crash when setting a breakpoint in a Python script.

  • Fixed: A crash when running a Python script with nested functions.

  • Fixed: A runtime error in scripts that use the PyYAML library.

  • Fixed: Keyword test playback in a Python project hung on reaching a breakpoint.

Git Integration

  • Fixed: Checking out a project from Git could take several minutes.

  • Fixed: An error when switching between Git branches if some tests included Visualizer images.

  • Fixed: An incorrect source control status for project suites bound to Git if the project suite path included spaces.

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Integration

  • Fixed: TFVC integration worked slowly for large projects.

  • Fixed: Checking in to TFVC did not work if some files have been deleted from the project.

  • Fixed: When a project suite was created in a folder that was mapped to a folder in TFVC, the project suite file (.pjs) was not added to the version control.

  • Fixed: Project suite files could not be checked in right after they were added to TFVC.

  • Fixed: Source control status icons in the Project Explorer were not updated after a project was checked in to TFVC.

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