Bug Fixes in TestComplete 11.3

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

In version 11.3, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed.

Web & RIA Testing
  • Improved: Web test playback performance when objects are mapped using the contentText property.

  • Fixed: Edge support did not work on Windows 10 update 10586.

  • Fixed: Memory leaks in TestComplete browser extensions.

  • Fixed: Incorrect frame autoscrolling before object clicks in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed: Chrome recording could stop working after interactions on certain sites.

  • Fixed: Page.Keys sent input to a wrong page in Chrome if multiple Chrome instances were running.

  • Fixed: ClickItem could not select a combo box item in Chrome when the combo box’s drop-down list was opened.

  • Fixed: If the TestComplete Chrome extension was disabled, selecting a web object with the Object Spy caused the “Unsupported operating system” error.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify objects in some Flash-based AIR applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete stopped recognizing Flex objects in a FRAME in Internet Explorer after refreshing that FRAME.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify Java applets in Internet Explorer if the project’s Process Filter was set to use iexplore but not j2plauncher.

  • Fixed: JavaFX objects in Internet Explorer were missing from the Object Browser.

  • Fixed: ExpandItem and CollapseItem did not work for Telerik ASP.NET tree view controls in Load on Demand mode.

iOS Testing
  • Fixed: Some instrumented iOS 9.x applications crashed while being explored in the Object Browser or Object Spy.

  • Fixed: Incorrect identification of object types and borders in iOS 9.

  • Fixed: Incorrect orientation of Mobile Screen images for iOS 9 applications.

  • Fixed: Mobile Screen images of iOS 9 applications in landscape mode displayed virtual keyboard in portrait mode.

  • Fixed: TestComplete incorrectly identified objects in some applications as images, and recorded coordinate clicks instead of object-specific actions.

Android Testing
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in the Android testing plugin.

  • Fixed: A playback error when sending the Enter key to the SearchView$SearchAutoComplete Android control.

  • Fixed: Some instrumented Android applications crashed on Asus Nexus 7.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not detect applications running on Sony Xperia Z4 tablets.

  • Fixed: Device connection issues with Samsung Galaxy S6 devices.

Desktop Application Testing
  • Fixed: TestComplete ceased to identify objects in a Java application after changes in the application object hierarchy, or after the TestComplete or TestExecute restart.

  • Fixed: The WPF test playback had delays when addressing newly-appeared objects.

  • Fixed: WinFormsObjects in .NET ClickOnce applications change into Window objects during long test runs.

  • Fixed: Qt applications could fail unexpectedly during the test run.

  • Fixed: Some C++Builder 10 applications were not recognized as Open.

  • Fixed: A Delphi application that called ExitProcess in a non-main thread did not shut down properly during test runs and remained running.

  • Fixed: Slow recording of tests against Visual Basic 6 applications.

  • Fixed: Slow playback of tests that used UI Automation.

  • Fixed: A playback error with the ClickCell method of DevExpress VCL TcxGrid v. 15.

  • Fixed: The ClickNewRowCell method raised an error for empty Telerik RadGridView.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not select items in Infragistics UltraPopupMenu controls that used the Office2000, VisualStudio2005 or Office2013 style.

  • Fixed: The “Missing debug info” error when recording actions against a Stingray Objective Grid (C++ version).

  • Fixed: Text input (the Keys method) could be recorded for a wrong object in FoxPro applications.

Python Support
  • Fixed: Memory leaks when running Python scripts.

  • Fixed: Incorrect conversion of Python integers.

  • Fixed: Long load time of external (imported) Python modules.

  • Fixed: Variable assignments in Python raised the “AttributeError object has no attribute '__getattr__” error.

  • Fixed: A crash when comparing objects with None in Python.

  • Fixed: A crash when working with a database in Python via ADO.

  • Fixed: A crash after viewing Watch List or Locals on a breakpoint in a Python script.

Source Control Integration
  • Fixed: Slow performance of Team Foundation integration operations, like adding files or opening large projects.

  • Fixed: The “User or group name contains unsupported characters” error when opening projects from Team Foundation Version Control. The error affected Active Directory users whose Display Name had a comma.

  • Fixed: An error when adding a TestComplete project to a Team Foundation Version Control team project with a space in the name.

  • Fixed: The Team Foundation Check In operation did not work properly if some files being checked in were renamed in TestComplete.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not check out a whole project suite from Team Foundation Version Control, even though it could check it out by parts.

  • Fixed: The “Unavailable project” error when checking in projects to Team Foundation Version Control.

  • Fixed: An empty reason in error messages displayed during the check out from Team Foundation Version Control.

  • Fixed: An issue with Subversion integration causing TestComplete to crash if the svn commands returned invalid XML output.

Keyword Testing
  • Fixed: Hanging while debugging keyword tests if the Locals panel displayed a JScript object variable.

  • Fixed: A keyword testing If operation that compared an object with Null was converted to VBScript code incorrectly.

  • Fixed: A crash on closing TestComplete while editing a keyword test.

Scripting & Code Editor
  • Fixed: Poor performance with the Paste hotkey in the Code Editor when a project is bound to Git.

  • Fixed: A crash upon displaying the Code Completion.

  • Fixed: Find methods processed the "regexp:\d+" mask incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Property checkpoints and the aqString.Compare method always compared non-ASCII characters in case-sensitive mode.

  • Fixed: An exception when calling a DLL function with a LPWSTR parameter.

  • Fixed: wchar_t * were truncated on return from DLL function calls.

  • Fixed: The TestedApp.Run method ignored the IgnoreRunning parameter and always started a new instance of the tested application.

  • Fixed: TestExecute could crash on Windows Server if run in many concurrent user sessions.

  • Fixed: Memory leaks and crashes when working with large files.

  • Fixed: The “Access denied” error when opening a project containing files with the read-only attribute.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash after a long test run (2+ hours) without creating an error log.

  • Fixed: Unexpected termination after Quick Tour timeout.

  • Fixed: An issue in LoadComplete integration where an error message appeared after launching LoadComplete and starting load test recording.

  • Fixed: A wrong error count in MSUnitTest logs.

  • Fixed: Report Generator could not launch applications or track an application launch if the application command line contained quotes.

  • Fixed: Crashes in modules tcRTL.bpl and tcCrHost.exe.

  • Improved: If an exception occurs in the constructor of a Selenium TestNG test, TestComplete now shows the exception call stack.

  • Improved: The "Unable to create the 'Table' element" error message now contains the name of the project that has this error.

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