Bug Fixes in TestComplete 11.2

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

In version 11.2, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed.

  • Fixed: Crash during license activation in certain cases.

  • Fixed: Uninstalling TestComplete 11 caused TestComplete 10 crashing on startup on the same computer.

  • Fixed: List of script extension folders was lost after TestComplete update.

  • Fixed: Crash during test run if Visualizer files were corrupted.

  • Fixed: Crash after renaming an alias that was used in keyword tests.

  • Fixed: Keyword Test Editor generated incorrect syntax for parameterized properties in VBScript projects.

  • Fixed: "Log file not found" error appeared on pause if Number of logs to store was set to 1 or 2.

  • Fixed: Incorrect signatures of some TestComplete COM interfaces.

Desktop Applications
  • Fixed: Slow test playback for WPF applications.

  • Fixed: Some WPF actions were recorded with negative coordinates.

  • Fixed: 64-bit Delphi applications could crash when their object properties were viewed in Object Browser.

  • Fixed: Some objects recognized in 32-bit Delphi XE8 application were not recognized in 64-bit version of the same application.

  • Fixed: Exception when passing TestComplete wrapper over .NET UI object to .NET Tooltip.GetToolTip method.

  • Fixed: Empty wText property of command prompt windows on Windows 10 if TestComplete was started as Administrator.

  • Fixed: DropDown action was recorded instead of Click for TMS TadvGlowButton push buttons.

  • Fixed: Menu items in JavaFX 8 applications were not recorded.

Web Testing
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in Chrome hook (tcCrHost.exe).

  • Fixed: EvaluateXPath returned undefined instead of null when nothing was found in Chrome.

  • Fixed: Objects in Chrome popup windows were not identified sometimes.

  • Removed unused Chrome extension files from C:\Program Files\Common Files\ on 64-bit Windows.

  • Fixed: Sometimes TestComplete could not select items in ASP.NET combo boxes in Firefox.

  • Fixed: Could not identify button in Firefox with margin-top set.

  • Fixed: Object Spy could not select objects in Flex application even though objects were present in Object Browser.

  • Fixed: Incorrect ObjectLabel property values for Flex objects in some scenarios.

Python Support
  • Improved test run speed for Python projects with many script units.

  • Fixed: Incorrect values of Python double type in Locals panel.

Test Visualizer
  • Fixed: Visualizer did not capture images for some test operations.

  • Fixed: Visualizer images were not automatically added to Subversion.

  • Fixed: Some Visualizer files were added to Subversion even though Bind Visualizer frames to SCC option was disabled.

Test Debugging
  • Fixed: Some breakpoints did not work.

  • Fixed: Hanging when evaluating aqFileSystem.GetFolderInfo(path).Count.

  • Fixed: Hanging when evaluating result of object method from script extension.

Object Checkpoints
  • Fixed: Object checkpoints did not refresh object tree before checking.

  • Fixed: Store Object Properties and Fields window was overlapped by Create Object Checkpoint window when creating object checkpoint during recording.

Jenkins Plugin
  • Fixed: "Failed to mkdirs" error if build used custom workspace folder.

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