TestComplete End-of-Support Policy

Applies to TestComplete 15.49, last modified on March 17, 2023

Support types

Full support

Full support is provided for the latest three releases of TestComplete. The releases are distinct by a two-part version number (nn.nn), for example, 14.90, 14.92, 15.0.

Full support means having complete access to TestComplete support services and also TestComplete developers in case an issue requires further investigation from their side.

Note: For complex technical issues related to the specifics of the tested environment or the application under test, the Support team cannot guarantee to provide a solution without having a way to reproduce the problem. In this case, the Support team may request access to the tested environment or the application under test. Any information provided to the Support team is not to be shared according to paragraph 10 of SmartBear Terms of Use.

Limited support

Limited support is provided for the three releases preceding the latest three TestComplete releases. Limited support means having access to TestComplete support services, but not to TestComplete developers. It’s recommended to plan upgrading to a newer fully supported version once your current version transitions to limited support.

Note: The Support team may request upgrading to a fully supported version if there’s a reason to believe the problem was fixed in the later release.


The release is no longer supported if there were six or more versions released afterwards. The Support team will still provide assistance with upgrading to newer versions but will require upgrading to a fully supported version to investigate technical problems.

Customers still can access all public TestComplete resources, such as:

Support stages

On average, each version gets full support for three months after the release, limited support for three months after that, and then moves to end-of-support.

Release Release date Support stage Next support stage
15.49 February 28, 2023 Full support until May 2023 Limited support until August 2023
15.48 January 20, 2023 Full support until April 2023 Limited support until July 2023
15.47 January 9, 2023 Full support until March 2023 Limited support until June 2023
15.46 November 30, 2022 Limited support until May 2023 End-of-support starting May 2023
15.45 October 31, 2022 Limited support until April 2023 End-of-support starting April 2023
15.44 October 3, 2022 Limited support until March 2023 End-of-support starting March 2023
15.43 August 30, 2022 End-of-support -

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