TestComplete and Antiviruses

Applies to TestComplete 14.72, last modified on January 19, 2021

TestComplete and its distributed testing subsystem can interact with other computers on your network and on the Internet. Some firewall or antivirus applications, such as Windows Firewall and Norton Antivirus, trace network activities and may consider applications that open certain ports as trojans or viruses. For example, the following applications may be reported:

  • TestComplete (<TestComplete>\Bin\TestComplete.exe for 32-bit and <TestComplete>\x64\Bin\TestComplete.exe for 64-bit) -- TestComplete can automatically check for updates available on SmartBear’s web site. You can either add TestComplete to the list of trusted applications, or disable the Check for updates at startup option in the Show Again Flags dialog.

  • TestComplete Service (<TestComplete>\Bin\TestCompleteService14.exe) -- The service is used to exchange data among distributed testing hosts (that is, among computers participating in a network suite). It works via the TCP protocol and uses ports specified by the TCP ports for remote connections option (by default, ports 6095 - 6097). If you are having problems with the service, restart it or add it to the list of trusted applications.

The instructions on allowing these applications through Windows Firewall are provided in the TestComplete and Windows Firewall topic.

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