Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

TestComplete can only test Electron-based applications distributed as Windows-compatible executables. To make our Quick Start application available for testing, we will run it by using Electron prebuilt binaries:

  1. Get the Quick Start sample application’s source files from the Electron repository:

  2. Get the Electron prebuilt binaries from the Electron repository:

  3. Unpack the binaries.

  4. Place the Quick Start application files you have downloaded from the repository (package.json, web pages, scripts, and other files) to the resources/app folder of the unpacked Electron binaries:

    Testing Electron applications tutorial: Electron application structure
  5. (Optional.) If you want to, rename the downloaded electron.exe binary to fit your tested application name, for example, quick-start.exe:

    Testing Electron applications tutorial: Rename the application executable
  6. Launch the resulting binary. Electron will start your application:

    Testing Electron applications tutorial: Launch the application

To learn more about packaging and distributing Electron applications, see the Electron documentation.

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