Applies to TestComplete 14.60, last modified on September 18, 2020


  • There is no need to jailbreak iOS devices to use them for automated testing with TestComplete.

  • Connect your device to the TestComplete computer via a USB cable.

    You can connect and use as many devices as your USB hub supports.


  • You must turn on a device at least once and sign in to an Apple ID.

– or –

  • You must download symbols and indexes by using XCode. To do this:

    1. Connect a device to a Mac computer.

    2. Run XCode and open Window > Organizer.

    3. Select the device from the Devices list and wait until XCode downloads required data to the device.

Configure the Device (Recommended)

  • Disable auto-locking. When the device is locked, TestComplete is unable to connect to the tested iOS application.

    1. On your device, go to the Settings > General > Auto-Lock screen.

    2. Choose Never.

  • Set the screen brightness on your device to the minimum value. Otherwise, the device (for example, an iPad) may discharge faster than it is charged via USB.

    1. On your device, go to the Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness screen.

    2. Move the brightness slider to the minimum value.

  • To use geolocation in automated tests, enable Location Services on the device:

    1. On your device, go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services screen.

    2. Set the switch to On.

Other Preparatory Actions

To learn how to make iOS applications testable and configure TestComplete for iOS test automation, see:

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