wxWidgets Visual C++ Applications Support

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

TestComplete enables you to access internal members of Visual C++ applications that use the wxWidgets framework. You can address wxWidgets applications’ internal properties, fields and methods from your tests. There are two approaches to getting internal methods and properties of Visual C++ applications that use wxWidgets:

  • TestComplete can use special wrapper classes to obtain objects of wxWidgets C++ applications. These wrappers are the same as the wrapper classes used for MFC applications (for instance, wrappers are defined for CWnd, CObject classes). So they only open public elements of certain supported types. User-defined class members have no predefined wrappers, they are not available to TestComplete. For more information see Approaches to Testing Visual C++ Applications.

  • The second approach to getting access to the internals of a wxWidgets C++ application is to compile it with external debug information and use Debug Info Agent™. The Agent provides access to internal application elements of the public, protected and private access type. Using the application’s debug information TestComplete provides access to more internal objects than using the wrappers only. Object data members are treated as fields (not properties) and are displayed on the Fields page of the Object Browser.

In order for TestComplete to be able to access a wxWidgets application’s internals, you should compile your application in a special way before testing it. For a detailed description of how to configure your compiler, see Preparing Visual C++ Applications for Testing.

The process of the Visual C++ Open Application, which uses wxWidgets framework, like MFC applications contains the child nodes displayed with the icon in the Object Tree. This icon shows that you can access the object’s internal members from your tests.

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