Preparing Rogue Wave Stingray Objective Grid (C++) Controls for Testing

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

Testing Visual C++ applications with Rogue Wave Stingray Objective Grid (C++) controls requires that the tested application be compiled with debug information. This applies to both Release and Debug configurations of the tested Visual C++ application.

The Release configurations of the Objective Grid library, however, do not typically have debug information required to enable TestComplete support for this grid control. So, if you are going to test a Release configuration of a Visual C++ application with Objective Grid (C++) controls, the application developer needs to rebuild the Objective Grid library to generate required debug information. The procedure is described below.

These steps are required only for testing Objective Grid (C++) controls in Release configurations of Visual C++ applications. Testing Debug configurations does not require this setup.
  1. From the Start menu, launch Rogue Wave | Stingray Studio <version> | Objective Grid | Grid Build Wizard. Follow the steps in the wizard to customize the Objective Grid library to your needs.

    Upon completion, the wizard will generate a makefile for building the Objective Grid library.

  2. In the <Stingray Studio>\Src\Grid\BkEndMak folder, locate the makefile named bldbackNN.mak, where NN corresponds to the Microsoft Visual Studio version used to develop the tested application. For example, the makefile to be used with Visual Studio 2010 (v. 10.0) is bldback10.mak.

  3. Open the makefile in a text editor.

  4. Find all lines containing the following text:


    Replace them with:

    RELDBG_CPP=/D "NDEBUG" /O1 /Zi /Fd<Path_Name>.pdb

    The /Zi parameter instructs the compiler to generate debug information for the ObjectiveGrid library in Release configurations.

    The /Fd parameter specifies the name of the .pdb file to create.

  5. Find the line containing the following text:


    Replace it with:


  6. Save the changes made to the makefile.

  7. Rebuild the Objective Grid library using the modified makefile.

After that, rebuild the tested application with the updated Objective Grid library. Remember to include debug information in the application as described in the following topics:

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