Applies to TestComplete 14.20, last modified on September 11, 2019

How TestComplete Records and Simulates Actions on Oracle Forms Controls

TestComplete provides support for a number of controls in Oracle Forms. It automatically recognizes individual controls by their classes (the value of the JavaFullClassName property) and lets you interact with them both at design time and during test recording or playback. Based on the object type, TestComplete provides a set of object-specific methods and properties for automating various interactions with the object. For example:

  • Clicking a button is recorded and played back by using the ClickButton operation,
  • Item selection in a pop list – by using the ClickItem operation,

  • And so on.

When you are recording user actions on supported Oracle Forms controls, TestComplete records special methods and properties applied to the corresponding objects, rather than just coordinate clicks. You can see some of these methods, specifically, ClickItem and ClickButton, in the sample test below.

Sample keyword test recorded for Oracle Forms


  • A license for the TestComplete Desktop module.

  • The Oracle Forms Control Support plugin.

    This plugin is installed and enabled automatically.

A List of Supported Oracle Forms Controls

For a complete list of supported Oracle Forms controls and properties and methods that TestComplete provides for automating these controls, see:

Oracle Forms Controls

Note: TestComplete provides support both for the listed controls and for their descendants. However, to make this possible, you need to specify the class name of your inherited control in the corresponding group of the project’s Object Mapping options.

Using Native Methods of Oracle Forms Controls

In addition to control-specific methods and properties for automating operations on Oracle Forms controls, TestComplete provides access to native methods and fields of these objects. These are the same methods and fields that are used in the application’s source code. You can use these native methods and fields to extend your tests and perform custom operations that are not available with standard properties and methods provided by TestComplete. For more information, see Accessing Native Methods of Oracle Forms.

Automating Unsupported Oracle Forms Controls

You can test unsupported Oracle Forms controls by using the properties and methods provided by TestComplete to onscreen objects. Interactions with these controls are typically recorded as coordinate clicks.

You can also automate these controls by calling their native methods from your test or by using various helper techniques described in the Interacting With Non-Compatible Application Objects topic.

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