Working With Android Grid View Controls - Basic Concepts

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024
General Notes

With TestComplete, you can simulate actions on grid view controls in Android applications. Grid view controls are associated with the Android GridView objects, and TestComplete uses various methods provided by these objects (such as TouchCell, FindRow and other). The Android GridView object’s properties allow you to retrieve data from the grid view and individual cells. For more information on available actions, see the object description and Working With Android Grid View Controls.

In addition to grid view controls, TestComplete supports standard Android list view controls and works with them via the Android ListView object. For detailed information, see Working With Android List View Controls

Specifics of Working With Grid View Controls

Currently, TestComplete does not support recording the test on Android Open Applications. In order to use extended support of grid view controls, you have to create tests manually. For detailed information, see About Testing Android Applications (Legacy) and Testing Android Open Applications (Legacy).

If the target cell is not visible on the device’s screen, it cannot be displayed in the Object Browser panel. So, you cannot perform the Touch on the cell. To do this, you should use internal methods of the grid view object (TouchCell, LongTouchCell and so on). In this case, the control is automatically scrolled to the specified cell and simulates the desired action.

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