TestComplete Control Support Survey

SmartBear is always improving TestComplete and we'd like to extend support for even more third-party controls used to create .NET, Windows and Java applications. So, we're asking you to fill in the following form and let us know which controls, libraries and applications you would like to see supported in TestComplete. In the list below, you can select the component vendors, particular components or specify your own variants if the desired technology, vendor or control is missing.

We'll analyze the responses and focus our efforts on the most requested controls.

Add new technology
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Expand <span class="technology">Windows Forms (.NET)</span>Windows Forms (.NET)
Expand <span class="technology">WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, .NET)</span>WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, .NET)
Expand <span class="technology">ASP.NET</span>ASP.NET
Expand <span class="technology">MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes, C++)</span>MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes, C++)
Expand <span class="technology">ActiveX</span>ActiveX
Expand <span class="technology">VCL (Visual Component Library, Delphi, C++ Builder)</span>VCL (Visual Component Library, Delphi, C++ Builder)
Expand <span class="technology">AWT/Swing (Abstract Window Toolkit, Java)</span>AWT/Swing (Abstract Window Toolkit, Java)
Expand <span class="technology">JavaFX</span>JavaFX
Expand <span class="technology">SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit, Java)</span>SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit, Java)
Expand <span class="technology">Qt (C++)</span>Qt (C++)
Expand <span class="technology">LabVIEW</span>LabVIEW
Expand <span class="technology">EasyWin</span>EasyWin
Expand <span class="technology">Visual FoxPro</span>Visual FoxPro
Expand <span class="technology">wxWidgets (C++)</span>wxWidgets (C++)
Expand <span class="technology">Terminal emulation</span>Terminal emulation
Expand <span class="technology">Silverlight</span>Silverlight
Expand <span class="technology">Flash / Flex / AIR</span>Flash / Flex / AIR
Expand <span class="technology">Web / Ajax / JavaScript</span>Web / Ajax / JavaScript
Expand <span class="technology">Microsoft Dynamics AX (X++)</span>Microsoft Dynamics AX (X++)
Expand <span class="technology">XUL</span>XUL
Expand <span class="technology">Scintilla</span>Scintilla
Expand <span class="technology">Elegant Ribbon for .Net</span>Elegant Ribbon for .Net
Expand <span class="technology">yFiles</span>yFiles
Expand <span class="technology">DirectX</span>DirectX
Expand <span class="technology">powerbuilder</span>powerbuilder
Expand <span class="technology">SAP GUI</span>SAP GUI
Expand <span class="technology">Chromium Embedded Framework</span>Chromium Embedded Framework
Expand <span class="technology">Oracle CRM</span>Oracle CRM
Expand <span class="technology">Xceed</span>Xceed
Expand <span class="technology">Prof-UIS (http://www.prof-uis.com/)</span>Prof-UIS (http://www.prof-uis.com/)
Expand <span class="technology">TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms</span>TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
Expand <span class="technology">Crystal Reports</span>Crystal Reports
Expand <span class="technology">Oracle ATG 10.2</span>Oracle ATG 10.2
Expand <span class="technology">OpenGL</span>OpenGL
Expand <span class="technology">Delphi</span>Delphi
Expand <span class="technology">Raphael JS</span>Raphael JS
Expand <span class="technology">AngularJS</span>AngularJS
Expand <span class="technology">COM</span>COM

For more information on TestComplete and other Quality Assurance products from SmartBear, write to us at sales@smartbear.com .