Organization Settings Related to Permissions

Last modified on November 28, 2022

To view or change organization preferences:

  1. Go to My Hub and click next to the organization name in the sidebar.

    – or –

    In SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.21 and earlier: click your username and select Settings. Then switch to the My Organizations tab and click Details next to the organization name.

  2. Switch to the Members tab.

  3. The settings are at the top of the page:

    Organization preferences in SwaggerHub

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  4. After you change the preferences, click Save to apply the changes.


Allow Designers and Consumers to view all the Organization’s Private APIs

Specifies which APIs and domains organization members can see when they select the organization item in the left sidebar:

Check box state Visible APIs and domains
Selected Public and private
Clear (default) Only public

Even if this check box is unselected, users can view and edit private APIs and domains if they have the appropriate access permissions for these APIs and domains. See Collaborators for details. Also, a user can view private APIs and domains of the project to which the user belongs.

Allow Designers to Create APIs under the Organization

If this check box is selected, organization members with the Designer role can specify the organization as an owner when creating new APIs and domains, by using the Owner field to specify which organization is the owner.

If the check box is unselected, only organization owners can create APIs under the organization.

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