Organization Ownership

Last modified on June 28, 2022

An organization owner is a user who can administer the organization: add, view and delete members; change member permissions; create and manage teams and projects; edit billing information; and so on.

The user who created an organization automatically becomes its owner. An owner can also add or remove other owners. Each owner takes up a Designer seat in the organization.

Tip: We recommend that organizations have several owners. This way if one owner is away or leaves the company, there are others who can continue managing the organization.

Find the organization owners

The My Organizations page in Settings displays all organizations you are a member of, along with the email addresses of the organization owners. If there is more than one owner, click the View all owners link to see the full list.

You can send an email to a specific owner by clicking the envelope icon.

Viewing organization owners

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Organization members can see the usernames of the organization owners in Settings > My Organizations > Assigned Organizations. Hover over the icon next to an organization to view its owners.

Viewing organization owners

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Add or remove owners

  1. Go to My Hub and click next to the organization name in the sidebar.

    – or –

    In SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.21 and earlier: click your username and select Settings. Then switch to the My Organizations tab and click Details next to the organization name.

  2. Switch to the Members tab.

  3. If the user is not an organization member yet, invite this user to the organization.

  4. Select the Owner check box next to the user you want to promote to the owner:

    Making a user an owner

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  5. Confirm the role change.

  6. Add other owners, if needed.

To remove the Owner permissions from a user, clear the Owner check box and confirm the change.

Note: Owners cannot remove ownership from themselves. If you are an owner and want to remove the ownership, ask another owner of the organization to do this.

Transfer organization to another owner

To transfer the organization to another owner, you need to add a new owner, update the billing information (if needed), then ask them to remove you from the list of owners:

  1. If you are the only owner of the organization, give another member the Owner permissions (see above).

  2. Ask the new owner to confirm that they can access the organization settings (profile, members, teams).

  3. (Optional) Ask the new owner to update the billing information for the organization.

  4. (Optional) Update the organization’s email address on the Details tab of the organization settings.

  5. Ask the new owner to remove the Owner permissions from you.

    The organization will now appear under Assigned Organizations rather than Owned Organizations.

  6. (Optional) You can leave the organization now by clicking Leave next to the organization name.

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