Deleting an Organization

Last modified on May 06, 2021

The owner of an organization can delete it. Deleting an organization deletes all APIs and domains owned by the organization. This cannot be undone.

The organization name will become available for use by other users or organizations on SwaggerHub. The users who were the members of the deleted organization remain in SwaggerHub and can continue using it personally or as part of another organization.

Note: In SwaggerHub On-Premise, the default organization cannot be deleted.

1. Back up organization data

Before deleting an organization and its content, make sure you have a backup of the organization’s API definitions and domains. SwaggerHub lets you download API definitions, and you can also use the SwaggerHub API to automate the downloads.

2. Cancel the organization’s plan (SwaggerHub SaaS only)

In SwaggerHub SaaS, you must cancel the organization’s plan before deleting the organization. This is a safety measure to protect people from accidental deletion of organizations.

Note: Plan cancellation is not immediate, it will actually happen after the current billing period ends. You can see the scheduled cancellation date in the organization details in Account Settings > Billing, or on the Plan page of the organization settings.

The "Delete organization" button will become available after this date.

Cancellation date

3. Delete the organization

  1. Click your username and select Settings.

  2. Switch to the My Organizations tab.

  3. Click Delete next to the organization name.

    Deleting an organization

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    SwaggerHub SaaS note: If you do not see the  Delete button, it means the organization’s plan has not been canceled yet, or the cancellation is scheduled for a future date. See Cancel the organization’s plan above for details.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select the confirmation check box and click Delete.

    Confirm deleting the organization

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