Last modified on May 22, 2023

Organizations can organize their APIs and domains into projects and control member access to individual projects. An organization can have any number of projects.

The projects you have access to are displayed under the organization names in My Hub sidebar.

Projects in SwaggerHub

Create and manage projects

Only the organization owners can create, update, and delete projects in an organization.

Availability to members

Projects are visible to the organization owners and to members who are added to these projects. After a user has been added to a project, this user can see the organization, project, and project APIs in the left sidebar:

Projects in SwaggerHub

This lets the user jump to the project, API or domain quickly, without searching for it in SwaggerHub.

Project members can see both public and private APIs and domains.

Note also that, after you add a user to a project, that user gets only the consumer role for the project APIs and domains. If you want a user to comment or edit an API or domain, you should give that user the designer role for that API or domain. For complete information on this, see Resource Roles. For easier management, you can group multiple users into teams and set access permissions for teams.

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