Useful VirtualBox Commands

Last modified on September 27, 2023

If you run SwaggerHub On-Premise on VirtualBox, here are some useful commands to manage your SwaggerHub VM.

Check state of VM

VBoxManage showvminfo swaggerhub-vm | grep State

State should be running. If aborted, but stop and restart the VM (see below).

Check NIC configuration of VM

VBoxManage showvminfo swaggerhub-vm | grep NIC

Restart the VM

VBoxManage startvm swaggerhub-vm --type headless

Stop the VM

If you need to stop the VM, use the following “soft” shutdown technique to avoid any file system corruption:

VBoxManage controlvm swaggerhub-vm poweroff soft

Delete the VM

The entire SwaggerHub VM may be removed as follows:

VBoxManage unregistervm swaggerhub-vm -delete
This will delete all data in the internal databases.

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