SwaggerHub On-Premise Support Policy

Last modified on September 27, 2023

This page describes our support policy for On-Premise software. If you're looking for how to get technical support, click here.

Our support policy varies depending on the version of the On-Premise software that you have installed. Version numbers are of the format: major.minor.patch.

You can find your installed version number by clicking on the (Help) menu in SwaggerHub as shown below. If you do not see a version number then you are running a version that is older than 1.28. 

SwaggerHub On-Premise version number in the help menu

Support for the latest version

The Release Notes show our latest version.

For the latest version, we provide full support for diagnosing issues, finding workarounds, providing patches / fixes.

Support for the previous three minor versions (major.minor.patch)

If the problem has been fixed in newer versions, we will help you upgrade. If a fix doesn't exist, we'll provide full support for your current software, including diagnosing issues, finding workarounds and where appropriate providing patches / fixes.

Upgrade support for older versions

We'll help you upgrade to the latest version. Once you upgrade, if the problem persists, we'll provide full support to help you resolve the issue.

For customers using SwaggerHub On-Premise version 1.x

To assist in the transition to 2.x, support will be provided for SwaggerHub 1.29 (Ubuntu 20 only) until May 2023 including assistance with diagnosing issues and finding workarounds. High and critical security patch updates will be provided. Other security patches and hot fixes for bugs will require upgrading to the latest version. After May 2023, support will be limited to upgrade assistance to the latest version.

SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.x will reach End-of-Life October 2023 at which point licensing of 1.x instances will no longer be possible, restricting usage. We urge users to upgrade to the latest 2.x release (or SwaggerHub SaaS) as soon as feasible. For details about deployment options, see our installation guides or contact your Sales Representative for details about how to obtain the required license.

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