Verifying Values of Web Page Elements



About This Video

One way to verify that the tested application functions correctly is to check that the property values of objects in the application match the expected values. TestComplete allows you to perform this kind of check in automated tests by using property checkpoints. This video shows you how to add property checkpoints to keyword-driven tests and use them to verify property values of objects in web applications.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up the web browser used in testing to automatically open a specific URL on startup.
  • Record a keyword-driven test that will log into the web application, perform the verification and log out.
  • Insert a property checkpoint into the test while recording.
  • Select the web object and its property to check and specify the expected property value.
  • Analyze the property checkpoint results in the test log and view the expected and actual property values.

Length: 5 minutes 27 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with TestComplete 8.