Web Comparison Checkpoints

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About This Video

This video shows you how to compare web pages using TestComplete’s web comparison checkpoint in automated tests for web applications. These checkpoints allow you to compare web page content and verify a web page’s general structure.

From this video, you will learn:

  • How to compare web pages in TestComplete.
  • How to insert a web comparison checkpoint while recording or editing a keyword-driven test.
  • How to specify the web page or frame to compare and verify.
  • Which modes are available for checking web pages and which one to select for your application.
  • How to review or change the expected web page used by the checkpoint and modify the options.
  • How to analyze the comparison of web pages through checkpoint results in the test log and view the differences, if any, between the expected and actual web pages.

Length: 6 minutes 8 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with TestComplete 8.