Waiting for Objects, Windows and Processes in TestComplete



About This Video

The working speed of your tested application may differ from one test run session to another, and this may affect your automated test results. To avoid timing issues, you can modify your automated tests so that they wait until the application is ready before continuing the test execution. For example, you can wait until a specific process launches, a window opens or an object appears. You can also add delay statements to pause the test run at certain points.

This video demonstrates various techniques that allow you to synchronize and delay the automated test execution in TestComplete. You will learn how to:

  • Specify the default waiting time for objects using the Auto-wait timeout option of the test project.
  • Set individual timeouts for operations in keyword-driven tests.
  • Use the WaitProcess, WaitWindow, WaitWinFormsObject and similar methods to wait for objects from automated test scripts.
  • Use real-time recording to create automated tests that play back at exactly the same speed as they were recorded.
  • Add Delay statements to keyword-driven tests and scripts in order to pause the test run for a specific period of time.

Length: 9 minutes 54 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with TestComplete 8.