Testing Flex Applications with the FlexClient Library

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About This Video

With TestComplete, you can perform functional testing of Adobe Flex web applications. However, testing such applications requires that the applications and the testing environment be prepared in a special way. There are several ways to make your Flex application testable. This video will demonstrate one of them –compiling the application with the FlexClient library.

From this video, you will learn:

  • Specifics of using the FlexClient library.
  • Ways to compile a Flex application with the FlexClient library.
  • How to explore objects of a Flex application in TestComplete’s Object Browser.
  • How to add a Flash or Flex application under test to a TestComplete project and record a test against it.
  • How to access public properties of Flash/Flex objects in TestComplete.

Length: 9 minutes 17 seconds
Product version: This video was recorded with TestComplete 8.50.