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TestComplete Video Tutorials

These tutorial videos will walk you step-by-step through performing common test automation tasks using TestComplete.

Lesson 1: Creating Your First Automated Test Script with TestComplete
Shows how you can record and play back automated tests with TestComplete 10.
Lesson 2: Creating Your First Test Set with TestComplete
Explains how to organize multiple automated tests into a single batch run.
Lesson 3: Creating a Parameter for your test in TestComplete
Shows how you can define parameters for automated keyword tests and use them to pass data into automated tests.
Lesson 4: Calling Keyword Tests in TestComplete
Explains how you can call other automated tests from your keyword-driven or scripted automated tests and how to specify parameters for the called tests.
Lesson 5: Data Driving a Test Case in TestComplete
Demonstrates how you can turn a keyword-driven test into a data-driven test that can run repeatedly with multiple sets of data retrieved from the data source, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

Automated Testing Videos — TestComplete

The following screencasts and videos provide information about TestComplete and explain how you can use its features to help you easily and thoroughly perform automated software and web testing:

TestComplete Demo
Detailed overview of the latest TestComplete features
Creating Tests Against iOS Apps in TestComplete
Detailed overview of creating a test against iOS apps in TestComplete
Preparing iOS Applications for Testing
Explains how to prepare iOS applications and devices for testing with TestComplete.
Verifying Values of Web Page Elements
Demonstrates how you can use property checkpoints to verify that your tested web application contains expected values.
Table Checkpoints
Explains the concept of table checkpoints and describes how you can use them to verify the data of controls that display information in tabular form.
Database Table Checkpoints
Explains the concept of database table checkpoints and demonstrates how you can use these checkpoints in your automated tests.
File Comparison Checkpoints
Describes file checkpoints and explains how you can use them in your automated tests.
Region Checkpoints
Describes how you can create region checkpoints and use them to compare an image with the actual window’s content in your automated tests.
Web Comparison Checkpoints
Demonstrates how you can verify web page contents and compare web pages in your automated tests.
Web Accessibility Checkpoints
Explains how you can verify accessibility of your tested web applications with TestComplete.
Waiting for Objects, Windows and Processes in TestComplete
Describes the special “wait” scripting commands that you can use to synchronize the automated test script with the application under test.
Event Handling in TestComplete
Explains how to handle events that occur during an automated test run.
Script Extensions in TestComplete
Script Extensions let you customize TestComplete’s features, allowing you to perform complex automated testing operations easily.
Distributed Testing with TestComplete
Distributed testing lets you perform client/server load testing, concurrency tests, and coordinate multiple tests from a single workstation.
Avoid 7 Software Testing Project Problems
This video provides information on how to effectively avoid seven software testing project problems in your company and explains some common solutions for both agile and waterfall development methodologies.
Using Variables in Keyword-Driven Tests
This video provides information on how to create and use variables in keyword-driven tests.
Testing Adobe Flash and Flex Applications With TestComplete - Overview
Explains basic concepts of testing Adobe Flash and Flex applications with TestComplete.
Testing Flash/Flex Applications with Runtime Loader
This video demonstrates how you can test Adobe Flash and Flex applications by using the Runtime Loader application.
Cross Browser Testing with TestComplete 9
From this video you will learn how to perform cross browser testing in TestComplete 9.

TestComplete Webinar Recordings

Testing Silverlight 4 Applications With TestComplete
Demonstrates how you can use TestComplete to test Silverlight applications.
Creating Reliable Tests For Dynamic Objects with Name Mapping
Shows how you can use Name Mapping to reliably identify and look up objects in your TestComplete tests.