CodeCollaborator v6.0 - New Features Demo



About This Video

The most popular and powerful tool for peer code review has been improved! The newest release of CodeCollaborator, version 6.0, is now available. Tune in to this webinar to find out what's new and see demos of some of the coolest features, including:

  • Review Microsoft Office documents.
  • Zoom control and comment labels.
  • Create a review or add files to a review from Visual Studio.
  • Perform a review from within Eclipse.
  • Defects visually distinct from comments.
  • Redact comments.
  • Compare to latest Accepted version.
  • User oriented reports.
  • Per-participant custom fields.
  • Customizing the word for "defect".

Length: 28 minutes 14 seconds
Product version: This video was recorded with CodeCollaborator 7.