Tracing References to Interfaced Objects



About This Video

AQtime includes a special Reference Count profiler that lets you trace references to interfaced objects. This profiler monitors calls to the AddRef and Release methods of objects that implement the IUnknown interface and helps you find unreleased or prematurely released objects.

This video demonstrates how to use AQtime’s Reference Count profiler to trace references to COM objects and eliminate unreleased references. From this video, you will learn how to:

  • Run an application under the Reference Count profiler.
  • Analyze profiling results and find the object that was not released after the application was closed.
  • Trace modifications of the reference counter of the unreleased object.
  • Obtain the function call stack that led to the AddRef and Release method calls.
  • Find the source code that actually adds and deletes references to the unreleased object.
  • Find the cause of a memory leak (a call to the AddRef method that does not have a matching Release method) and eliminate the leak.

Length: 12 minutes 37 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with AQtime 7 Pro.