Profiling Scripts With AQtime



About This Video

With AQtime, you can profile scripts executed by the Microsoft Scripting Engine. For example, scripts located on web pages shown in Internet Explorer or script files executed by Windows Script Host. You can also profile test scripts of TestComplete projects. This video demonstrates how to use AQtime to profile a script located on a web page.

From this video, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare a host application for profiling.
  • Create and configure an AQtime project for the profiled script: select a profiler, specify the host application for the script and specify the web page that executes the script.
  • Analyze profiling results and distinguish between the results of script profiling and the results of host application profiling.

Length: 6 minutes 07 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with AQtime 7 Pro.