Profiling Java Applications With AQtime



About This Video

With AQtime, you can profile Java applications represented in the form of Java archives or machine-readable class files. You also can profile mixed-code Java applications - applications where certain parts are in Java, while other parts are native code.

This video demonstrates how to use AQtime to profile a Java application represented in the form of a Java archive. From this video, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare Java applications for profiling.
  • Create and configure an AQtime project for the profiled Java archive: add the application module to the project, specify the Java application launcher as a host application, select a profiler, and so on.
  • Analyze profiling results and distinguish between byte-code routines and native routines.

Length: 8 minutes 12 seconds.
Product version: This video was recorded with AQtime 7 Pro.