1. Create a JDBC Virtual Service

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

To start working with a JDBC virtual service, perform the following steps:

1. Create an empty project

First, create a new project:

  1. In ReadyAPI, select File > New Empty Project.

2. Add a JDBC virtual service to the project

  1. Point to the APIs (Virtual) node in the Navigator panel and click :

    JDBC service virtualization and database testing: Add a virtual service

    This will invoke the New Virtual Service dialog (see below).

  2. In the New Virtual Service dialog, select Empty JDBC to create an empty JDBC virtual service:

  3. Specify a name for the virtual service and click OK.

ReadyAPI will create a new empty service and open it for editing. Next, we will configure the virtual service and prepare it for recording requests.

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