REST Request Properties

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

To view or change properties of incoming messages (requests), select a request in the Incoming column of the Setup page of the virtual service editor. You will see the properties on the right of the ReadyAPI window:

Service virtualization and API testing: Properties of incoming messages (requests)

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Property Description

Sets the incoming request method type: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, UPDATE and so on.

Resource Path

Specifies the path of the destination resource relative to the virtual service root.

Important notes:

  • Always start the path with a slash ( / ).

  • Do not specify query string (or URL) parameters in this property (these parameters are set after the ? symbol in the URL, for example, http://server/page?param1=value1.


A list of assertions that the virtual service applies to incoming requests to verify their contents. The virtual service applies these assertions to incoming requests that correspond to the virtual operation you are editing.For more information on this, see Assertions in Virtual Services.

To add assertions, click and select the desired assertion in the subsequent dialog. To remove an assertion, select it on the list and click . To modify assertion parameters, select the assertion on the list and click .

The virtual service applies assertions in their order on the list. If needed, select an assertion and change its position with the and buttons.

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