Applies to ReadyAPI 3.0, last modified on November 13, 2019

The Transaction Log page of the VirtServer panel displays information on requests that selected VirtServer received and responses it sent for a virtual service.

Here is a sample view of the panel:

API testing with ReadyAPI: the Transaction Log page of the VirtServer panel

Click the image to enlarge it.

When you switch to this page, ServiceV retrieves information from selected VirtServer.

If you have several virtual services running on your VirtServer, use the Virtual Services box to select the service, whose log you would like to explore.

To update the list of virtual services or the log for the selected services, click .

Storing a large amount of transaction log data requires a lot of memory both on the VirtServer side and on the ServiceV side.

To clear the log data retrieved by ServiceV, click Clear transaction log in the log toolbar.

This action frees memory on the ServiceV side. The transactions data on the VirtServer side will remain intact. To obtain the log data from VirtServer again, click .

To find an item quickly, you can filter requests and responses. To do this, enter some text in the Filter text box and press ENTER. The Transaction Log page will list matching requests and responses.

You can also select an item on the Transaction Log page and switch between pages and virtual services. VirtServer will remember your last selection.

Click this request or response on the page. You will see the contents on the right:

API testing with ReadyAPI: Viewing request contents

Click the image to enlarge it.

The request or response should be successive.

The number of records in the transaction log is limited by the VirtServer virtServer: maxTransactionLog setting. By default, VirtServer stores 20 recent records for each virtual service. If you need more, change the VirtServer settings. Note, however, that storing too many records may consume lots of memory on the VirtServer computer. Use a reasonable number. Restart VirtServer if you change the setting value.

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