Applies to ReadyAPI 2.5, last modified on September 18, 2018

To run your test recipes with ReadyAPI TestServer, you need to start TestServer and to create (register) a user in it. You will specify the user’s credentials when executing your test recipes.

You need to create a user only once. There is no need to do this before each test run.

You can also try out a free ReadyAPI TestServer online demo instead of using a local copy of the application. In this case, you do not need to set up a user, use the following TestServer properties instead:
Property Value
Server address
User name demoUser
Password demoPassword

If you are using a local version of TestServer, do the following:

1. Start TestServer

To start ReadyAPI TestServer, run the ReadyAPITestServer-2.0.0 executable in the <ReadyAPI TestServer>\bin directory.

2. Create a User

If TestServer has no registered users, for example, if you run it for the first time, TestServer will ask you to create a user. Just follow the instructions on screen. Create a user with the name Tester and password test.

If you run TestServer for the first time, it will also ask you to activate the license. Again, simply follow the instructions you will see on screen.

If you ran TestServer earlier and have one or more users registered, you can continue with creating and running test recipes.

We recommend that you create a user on TestServer for each person who will run test recipes. You can do this at any time by running TestServer with the -adduser command-line argument.

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