Applies to ReadyAPI 2.4, last modified on June 7, 2018

To use ReadyAPI TestServer, you need a trial or a commercial license. This topic explains specifics of the TestServer licensing and explains how to activate and deactivate licenses.

License Data

A TestServer license specifies the maximum number of test recipes TestServer can execute a day. If you reach the maximum number, you will have to wait for the next day. In large test recipes, TestServer counts the number of test steps executed. See below for details.

Activation Steps

To activate a ReadyAPI TestServer license, you need a license file. You can get it from SmartBear after requesting the product license.

To activate the license:

  1. Install and run ReadyAPI TestServer.

  2. When you first start TestServer, it displays a message asking you to install the license. Enter y and press Enter.

  3. Specify the full path to the license file and press Enter.

  4. After that, enter the user information such as title, name, email, and so on. We recommend that you specify your data, not the data of the person who purchased the license (or requested the trial).

TestServer will display a message about successful license activation. If an error occurs, you will see an error message.

An alternative way to activate the license is to specify the license file in the TestServer command line:

  1. Run the command like this –

    <ReadyAPI TestServer>/bin/ReadyAPITestServer.exe -i<license-file-name>

  2. After that, specify the user information.

How the Daily Quota is Consumed

  • Execution of one test recipe consumes one license.

  • If your test recipe has 100 or more test steps, TestServer calculates the number of executed test steps in this test recipe.

    Every hundred test steps one license is consumed. Here are some examples:

    Recipes and Steps Consumed Comment
    1 recipe with 150 steps in it 2 1 for the recipe and 1 for the test steps.
    1 recipe with 370 steps in it 4 1 for the test recipe and 3 for the test steps (1 for each hundred).
    1 recipe with 51 test steps
    1 recipe with 49 steps
    2 Each of these test recipes has less than 100 steps, so the test steps do not consume licenses.
    1 recipe with 150 steps
    1 recipe with 40 steps
    3 2 for the first recipe and 1 for the second.
    If your test recipe has a data source step or any other loop, then TestServer sums up the execution of test steps on each iteration. For example, if the data source step has 5 child steps and executes then 10 times in a loop, the total number of counted test steps will be 51: 1 for the DataSource step, and 50 (5 x 10) for child test steps.
  • If you send a test project or test suite for execution, then TestServer counts the number of executed test cases. 1 test case = 1 test recipe.

At that, TestServer also calculates the number of executed test steps according to the rules described above.

For information on how to learn the available number of test recipes, see below.

Knowing License Information

To get the information about your license, run ReadyAPI TestServer with the -l command-line argument.

You will see the following data:

Data Description
License Number The unique license number.
License Type The type of the license: PROFESSIONAL or TRIAL.
Issue Date The date, on which the license was issued.
Expiration Date The date, on which the license expires.
Capacity The total number of test recipes ReadyAPI TestServer can handle per day and the number of test recipes still available for the day. See above for information on how TestServer counts test recipes.

Deactivating Licenses

To deactivate the license, simply run TestServer with the -x command-line argument.

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