Applies to ReadyAPI 2.2, last modified on November 17, 2017

To send a SOAP request, create an object in the JSON testSteps array with the type, wsdl, binding and operation properties:

  • type should be SOAP Request.

  • wsdl should specify the URL of your server wsdl definition.

  • binding and operation should specify the binding and operation you intend to use.

To add parameters to the request, create a parameters array. Each array item should have the name and value items. ReadyAPI TestServer finds a required XML node based on the name item and specifies its value based on the value item. You can specify the path to the node you need by using the specifying XPath in the optional path item.

If you want to specify the custom endpoint, add the URL item after specifying wsdl.

To add SOAP specific assertions, create an assertions array. SOAP assertions do not require parameters, so you only need to specify the type. You can create Schema Compliance, SOAP Fault and Not SOAP Fault assertions this way. For more information about creating assertions, see Recipe With Assertions.

Here is how a simple SOAP recipe may look like:

  "testSteps": [
      "type": "SOAP Request",
      "wsdl": "",
      "binding": "GlobalWeatherSoap",
      "operation": "GetCitiesByCountry",
      "parameters": [
        "name": "CountryName",
        "value": "Sweden"

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