Locally Stored Properties

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

Normally, properties are stored in the project file (or the project folder, in the case of composite projects) when you save your project.

You can select specific properties that will be excluded from the project and stored locally in the workspace file instead.

Note: This can only be applied to test case, test suite, and project-level custom properties.

Why storing properties locally

When you work in a team, you might use property values that only make sense in your local environment. You don't want to share them with your team, and you don't want to re-enter them every time you pull changes made by other members of your team.

Also, if you use source control, changes to the locally stored properties that you make will not be registered by the source control system and will not result in unnecessary diffs.

How to store properties locally

  1. Open the project, test case, or test suite editor.

  2. In the Custom Properties section in the Navigator, check properties that you want to store locally:

    Custom project properties: Select properties to be excluded
  3. Save the workspace. To do that:

    • Select File > Save All Projects from the main menu.

    – or –

    • Close ReadyAPI, and the workspace will be saved automatically.


  • Only test case, test suite, and project-level custom properties can be stored locally.

  • Locally stored properties are saved as part of the currently active workspace. They will not apply to other workspaces on your computer.

  • If you remove a project from the workspace, information on locally stored properties for this project will be removed from the workspace too.

  • When a locally stored property is first pushed into a repository, it will be pushed with the last value it had before you stored it locally.


  • If an environment is selected, values of project-level properties specified in the environment will override locally stored values.

  • Projects run by TestRunner will always use values specified in the project, not locally stored values.

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