Add a Provider

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021

On the previous step of this tutorial, we created a JMS session. Now, let's add a JMS provider.

  1. Select the created session and click Edit on the toolbar.

    Current sessions

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  2. Switch to the Providers tab.

    The Providers tab

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  3. Right-click in the Classpath Groups area and select Add Group.

    The Classpath Groups context menu

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  4. In the subsequent dialog, enter WebSphereMQ.

  5. Right-click Library area in the created group and select Add JAR(s).

    The Library context menu

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  6. Go to the <WebSphere MQ Installation>\java\lib folder and select the following files:

  7. If the Scan dialog appears, click Scan.

  8. The JAR file will be added to the library.

    The JAR file in the library

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  9. Click OK to finish the configuration

Now JMS provider is configured and you can use it to connect to WebSphere server. On the next step we will configure the connection factory that is used to establish the connection.

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