Alternative Providers

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.9, last modified on July 16, 2021
HermesJMS is no longer developed. ReadyAPI 3.0 or earlier supports it only for backward compatibility.
ReadyAPI 3.1 or later does not support HermesJMS.
We strongly recommend that you use manual JMS configuration or create a JMS Connector plugin.

HermesJMS supports a great number of providers. You can use any of them when working with ReadyAPI. If you want to use providers that are not supported by HermesJMS, please contact the SmartBear Support Team or visit our Community Forum for assistance.


TIBCO EMS can be used to handle JMS queues from ReadyAPI.

You can download it from the TIBCO EMS website. The website also provides extensive information on working with TIBCO EMS.

To use TIBCO EMS with ReadyAPI:

  1. Place the following JAR files in the ReadyAPI /bin/ext directory:

  2. Restart ReadyAPI.

For more information, visit the TIBCO EMS website.

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