Launching HermesJMS

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021
HermesJMS is no longer developed. ReadyAPI 3.0 or earlier supports it only for backward compatibility.
ReadyAPI 3.1 or later does not support HermesJMS.
We strongly recommend that you use manual JMS configuration or create a JMS Connector plugin.

Below are the instructions on how to start HermesJMS.

Preparing to Launch HermesJMS

Before you start configuring HermesJMS, make sure that:

Launching HermesJMS From the ReadyAPI Toolbar

To launch HermesJMS, select Project > Start HermesJMS, or Tools > HermesJMS from the ReadyAPI menu: 

Project Tools
The Start HermesJMS option in the Tools menu
The HermesJMS option in the Tools menu

Configuring HermesJMS

Depending on the JMS provider you use, HermesJMS configuration is different. For instructions on how to configure it for some popular providers, see the following sections:

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