HermesJMS Configuration

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021
HermesJMS is no longer developed. ReadyAPI 3.0 or earlier supports it only for backward compatibility.
ReadyAPI 3.1 or later does not support HermesJMS.
We strongly recommend that you use manual JMS configuration or create a JMS Connector plugin.

HermesJMS helps you interact with various JMS providers, which simplifies the process of publishing, editing and deleting messages and working with queues and topics. It uses the JNDI API to find objects, create sessions and use destinations. Some providers use native APIs to work with non-JMS elements, for example, to get statistics or topic names.

The HermesJMS logo

To use HermesJMS with ReadyAPI, configure it as described in this section.

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