Applies to ReadyAPI 3.3, last modified on July 03, 2020

Use the JDBC Connections tab of the Environments editor to modify an existing connection string for different environments. ReadyAPI will use the specified connection string when you switch between environments.

Tip: To add a new database connection, use JDBC connections.
ReadyAPI: The JDBC tab of the Environments editor

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On the JDBC Connections tab, you can see all the JDBC connections that were configured in the Database Manager. The table has three columns:

  • Name – The connection name.

  • Driver – The database driver.

  • Connection String – A connection string for the JDBC driver.

To add connection options, create new JDBC connections in the Databases dialog.

To edit connection options, select a connection and click , or double-click the connection in the table.

ReadyAPI: The JDBC connection options in the Environments editor

Here, you can edit the following options:

Option Description


Click to test the configuration.


The JDBC driver.


The database server address.


The port used to access the database.


The database user.


The database password.


The database name.

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