Coverage Options (SOAP Testing)

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

You use the Coverage Options dialog to view and change certain aspects of collecting coverage data during functional testing, or when your virtual service is running. To invoke the dialog, click on the toolbar above the coverage list view:

Coverage Options

The following options are available:

Option Description
Count Empty Values Select this check box to command ReadyAPI to count empty elements and attributes as covered.
Count ? Values The question mark (?) is used as a placeholder in WSDL. Select this option to command ReadyAPI to count unknown or placeholder values as covered.
Excluded Elements A list of elements to be excluded from coverage testing. Specify elements in the element-name@namespace format. ReadyAPI will treat the excluded elements as covered.
Multi Values Specifies the elements and values for coverage calculations. An element will be considered as covered only if its value matches one of the specified values.

Format: element-name@namespace=value1,value2,...,valueN. For example, for a weekday element you can enter day@,tue,wed, so the day element will be counted as covered only if its value matches mon, tue or wed.

Click OK to close the dialog and save the changes, or Cancel to discard any changes.

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