Applies to ReadyAPI 2.2, last modified on November 17, 2017

ReadyAPI is a complex tool that supports functional, load, and security testing of services. It also provides the ability to create a local virtual copy of the service to run your tests before the real service goes online.

In this tutorial, we give a brief overview of how to create simple functional tests in SoapUI. The sections of this tutorial contain a description of how to create a project in ReadyAPI, a simple test from an API definition, and assert test results.

In This Tutorial

Creating a Functional Test

Explains how to create a SoapUI test based on an API URL.

Running the Created Test

Describes how to run the created test.

Modifying SoapUI Tests

Explains how to modify SoapUI tests.

Adding Assertions to SoapUI Tests

Explains how to create assertions to make sure that your test works as expected.

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