Weak Authentication Scan

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024


The Weak Authentication scan checks your authorization method against a number of standard rules for authorization security.

If the scan does not reveal any information about possible vulnerabilities, it passes successfully.

If the scan has Failed, that may indicate your service uses inefficient authorization schemes and is vulnerable to impersonation and other authentication-based security breaches.


  • This scan is applicable to all types of test steps or requests.

  • To use this scan, you need a ReadyAPI Test  license. If you do not have it, request it on our web site or start a trial.

How it works

The Weak Authentication scan uses assertions to validate requests and responses and check if they include any information about potential vulnerabilities.

If all assertions pass successfully, PASS will be logged for that response. If any assertion fails, FAIL will be logged.

If you have not applied any assertions to the scan, Unknown will be logged for the response.



Use the following options to configure the scan Strategy:

Option Description
Apply to Failed Test Steps Select to run the scan even if the target test step fails.
Run only once Select to run the scan only once for each test step, even if ReadyAPI runs that step several times for a test case.

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