Flickr Sample Project

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

The Flickr API sample project shows how you can get information from Flickr. The project API has the following structure:

Flickr API sample project structure
Tip: The Flickr API uses the same path to access all resources: /services/rest. The method is specified as a request parameter.

To open the project

From the dashboard

Find the project you need in the Sample Projects section:

Functional Testing: ReadyAPI Test Sample Projects

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Tip: Click and leave only ReadyAPI Test selected to limit the options to ReadyAPI Test and Online Service samples.

To use the project

To use the Flickr API, you need an API-key. To get it, register in the Flickr App Garden.

The sample project defines an ApiKey project-level property that will be used as the key. It is then used in all requests with the help of property expansions:

Flickr ApiKey in ReadyAPI

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Sample tests

The project contains a single sample test case with four requests that validate their responses:

Request Description
Interestingness Request Gets the current list of Flickr Interestingness in the JSON format and checks that the response contains 100 entries.
Find User Request Searches for a user by username and validates the content of the XML response to contain that user's details.
Get Cameras Gets the list of camera brands used in photos on Flickr in the SOAP format and checks for Nikon cameras.
Find Places Searches for the Stockholm place and validates that there is at least one hit in the JSON response.

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