Applies to ReadyAPI 3.1, last modified on March 26, 2020

The WS-RM panel contains settings related to WS-Reliable Messaging. On this panel, you can enable WS-RM and configure it so that it can work with your service.

When WS-RM is configured, ReadyAPI initiates a WS-RM Sequence with the target service before sending a request. After the transmission is over, the WS-RM Sequence is closed.

The WS-RM panel

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Option Description
Enable WS-RM Enable WS-Reliable Messaging for the request.
WS-RM Version The version of WS-RM used by the target service.
Acknowledge to Required. The WS-Addressing endpoint for the SequenceAcknowledgement token.
Offer endpoint An endpoint to offer as a destination for the inbound Sequence. It is part of the CreateSequence message.

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