Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

You can use the Keystores tab to add keystores to your WS-Security configuration. Keystores store your user credentials.

The Keystore tab

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Column Description

The keystore source file.

You can use a relative paths to the keystore file. To learn more, see Relative Paths to Project Resources.

Also, you can specify a property expansion to use the path specified in the Project, Global or System property.


The keystore status: OK if the keystore is configured correctly; error text if there is an error.


The keystore password.

Default Alias

The default alias or key used with the keystore.

Default Password

The default password used with the specified alias.

Adding Keystores

To add a keystore, click and select the keystore file. Then, specify the password used with the keystore. If the keystore is valid and the password is correct, the Status column will display the OK status.

Removing Keystores

To remove a keystore, select it and click . Then confirm that you want to delete the keystore.

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