Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

WS-ReliableMessaging is a standard way of ensuring delivery of requests to the destination service. It can be used when working with both individual requests and with functional tests. When running a test with a great number of requests, you may want to configure WS-RM for the entire test case.

Configuring WS-RM for a Request

To enable WS-RM for a specific request:

  1. Open the request and switch to the WS-RM panel.

  2. Select the Enable WS-Reliable Messaging option.

  3. Select the WS-RM Version value that corresponds to the version used by the server.

  4. Specify the URL used for SequenceAcknowledgement in the Acknowledge To field.

  5. If necessary, specify the URL of the service that will be added to the CreateSequence message in the Offer endpoint field.

After you configure WS-RM, ReadyAPI will initiate a WS-RM Sequence with the target service prior to sending the request. After the transaction is over, WS-RM Sequence will be closed.

Configuring WS-RM for Test Cases

To enable WS-RM for the entire test case:

  1. Open the test case editor and click .

  2. Switch to the WS-RM tab.

  3. Select the Use WS-Reliable Messaging option.

  4. Select the WS-RM Version value that corresponds to the version used by the service.

  5. Specify the URL used for service acknowledgment in the WS-RM AcksTo field.

  6. Specify the duration of the WS-RM sequence in the WS-RM Expires field. If no value is specified, the session will not expire.

The authorized WS-RM Sequence is used for all test steps of the test. The credentials will be used to connect to the service before the first test step is executed, and the session will be closed after last test step is completed.

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