SOAP Requests

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

SOAP requests is a request to a SOAP services. This section describes how to work with them in ReadyAPI.

The XML panel

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To open the SOAP Request editor:

  • Select the desired request in the Navigator panel.

— or —

  • Right-click the related SOAP Request test step in the Navigator and select Show Operation.

Configure SOAP request

To configure the SOAP request use one of the following panels:

  • XML - Text editor for editing an XML content of the request.

  • Outline - Shows tree-like structure of the request. In this panel you can edit only values of the XML nodes.

  • Form - Provides with user-friendly input fields for elements specified in the WSDL.


The Raw shows the actual content of the last sent request.

To validate the displayed XML message content:

  • Right-click in the XML editor and select Validate:

    The Validate option in the XML editor

— or —

  • Click validate in the Form editor:

    The Validate option in the Form editor

In case of an error, ReadyAPI shows its description below the editor:

The XML validation failed

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You can also autoformat the XML message content for easier viewing:

  1. Right-click in the editor.

    The Format XML option in context menu
  2. Select Format XML.

ReadyAPI indents child elements:

XML after formatting

Apply WS-* specifications

In ReadyAPI you can add the following WS-* specifications:

SOAP specific panels

The Request Editor contains several helper panels, specific for SOAP requests:

The XML Schema Definition (XSD) panel shows the current nodes corresponding to the XML Schema definition. For simple types such as sequences, the complex type containing them is displayed instead. The title contains the name of the current type, if it is available. The screenshot below shows schema information for the selected element.

The XML Schema Definition panel

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Note: The panel requires the message to comply with the currently imported WSDL file. For example, if the received response has an updated namespace, the panel will not be able to display schema information.

The Doc panel shows schema annotations for the currently selected type. These annotations are also available as tooltips in the Outline panel. This feature is useful as the source editor.

The Doc panel

The Table panel displays a tabular view of siblings and children of the item selected on the Outline panel.

The Table panel

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Siblings are shown as table rows, children are shown as table columns. If siblings have the same children as the selected node, these children are also displayed.

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