Applies to ReadyAPI 3.1, last modified on February 14, 2020
Request parameters

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You can organize your REST parameters in the following ways:

Add Parameters

To add a REST parameter, click . ReadyAPI will add a new line to the Parameters table. Specify the parameter name and its value.

If you have a REST URL, you can add all the parameters by using that URL. Click  and enter the URL in the follow-up dialog. ReadyAPI will analyze the request and add all its parameters to the table.

Reset Parameters

To reset parameters to the values used when creating the parameters, click . ReadyAPI will reset all the parameters to their default values. Parameters added manually do not have default values.

Reorganize Parameters

To change the order of parameters in a request, select the parameter you want to move and click or . If parameters have the same type and are located on the same level, ReadyAPI will use them in the order they are listed. This may be important for a service, so make sure to use the correct parameter order.

Remove Parameters

To remove a parameter, select it and click . Confirm that you want to delete the parameter.

Submit Form-Data Values

Form data of the content type multipart/form-data can be simulated by setting individual parameters to be read from a file.

  1. Select a parameter.

  2. Change the parameter value to file:<filepath>.

The content of the file will be inserted into the outgoing request.

Defining a parameter on the resource level means that it is inherited by all method nodes under it and by all requests under the method nodes.

Defining it on the method level only propagates the parameters to the requests; it does not affect the resource level.

Send multi-value parameters

You might want to send the same query parameter with several different values in the same request, like this:

Or, you might want to do the same with a header, for example:

GET http://localhost:8084/pages HTTP/1.1

Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
X-Custom-Header: value1
X-Custom-Header: value2

To do this in ReadyAPI:

  1. In the request properties, specify the multi-value delimiter that you will use to separate values. Press Enter to confirm the changes:

    Request properties: Specify multi-value delimiter
  2. Specify the values of the parameter. Separate them with the delimiter specified in the previous step:

    Request parameters: Specify parameter values

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