JWT Profile for Authorization Grants

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021

When the JWT Profile for Authorization Grants is used, a client sends a JSON Web Token (JWT) assertion to an authorization server to confirm its identity and get an access token. JWT can be issued by an identity provider or generated in ReadyAPI.

OAuth 2.0: JWT Profile for Authorization Grants
Option Description
OAuth 2 Flow Sets the OAuth 2.0 method to use.
Access Token URL The URL of the authorization server.
JWT Assertion Specifies the JSON Web Token (JWT) assertion that will be used on request for an access token.
Generate JWT Click to generate a JSON Web Token (JWT). The generated token will be written to the JWT Assertion field. See Generating JSON Web Token.
Get Access Token Click this button to retrieve the access token.
Automation Click this button to open the Automated Token Profile editor.

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